Exclusive BGTV App Promotion

Download the FREE application for a chance to win $100!


New BGTV App!


What’s the BGTV App?

The Back-Gammon.TV App is a backgammon video portal, developed for all backgammon fans from beginners to experts. You can watch hundreds of highly-selected backgammon videos through an easy-to-use interface with excellent graphics.

And now, we provide you with exciting premium lessons by leading international backgammon players at special prices! Whether you like to play or watch the game, the Back-Gammon.TV App is the best place to enjoy backgammon.

This app is for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. You can find it in App Store with the keyword “bgtv” or “backgammon tv”.

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How to Enter for Your Chance at $100!

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  1. Download the Free BGTV App

    Download the free Back-Gammon.TV App (BGTV App) to your own iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
  2. Install the BGTV App on Your Device

    At the tournament reception desk, show off your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with the new BGTV App installed. You will receive a form and will be asked to fill out your full name to be registered in our drawing.
  3. You Might Win $100! Good Luck!

    On Sunday, we will hold a drawing for $100 during the Texas Backgammon Championships awards ceremony and announce the lucky winner!