Complimentary Texas Backgammon T-Shirts!

Shirts 2016

Each player registered in the Main event in either the Championship, Advanced, or Limited Division of the Texas Backgammon Championships, will receive this great long-sleeved crew neck t-shirt with our tournament logo on the back, and the U.S. Backgammon Federation logo featured on the front and side.

We plan to have additional shirts available for sale, with all proceeds going to benefit the USBGF.

Special thanks go out to Steve Blanchard for his generous gift of shirts to our Ultimate Backgammon Package tournament finalists!

  1. Candace MayeronCandace Mayeron01-16-2017

    WOW! This is SO GREAT. And where did you get that HOT MODEL for the shirts??!!

    I guess if you have shirts to fit Steve Sax, I don’t have to worry. 😉

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