eXtreme Gammon
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eXtreme Gammon

eXtreme Gammon is the world’s strongest backgammon program currently on the market. It is an essential tool used by professional players to maintain, analyze, and strengthen their game.

Play a backgammon match online and import it directly into XG for analysis. XG will flag your errors and quickly display the best plays and cube actions.

Neil Kazaross says of XG,

I’ve seen various developmental prototypes of XG over the past several years and have sometimes been an advisor for both playing strength and user interface (UI). I can now state that XG is stronger than its competitors on equivalent settings as well as at least several times faster on those settings.

We are proud to award the winner of the Ultimate Backgammon Package with this outstanding backgammon software.

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  • CALGLEN1958

    I love XG THE BEST TY.

    December 3, 2015at6:14 pm
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