I Hate Backgammon
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I Hate Backgammon

Both the winner and the finalist of the Ultimate Backgammon Package will be awarded with the wildly popular “I (Love or Hate) Backgammon” polo shirts. The winner will receive the “I Love Backgammon” version, while the finalist will receive the “I Hate Backgammon” shirt.

The I Hate Backgammon website offers excellent quality t-shirts, polo shirts, and hats for both men and ladies. Many of the world’s best players wear I Hate Backgammon shirts. Be sure to get one too!

Special thanks go out to Steve Blanchard for his generous gift of shirts to our Ultimate Backgammon Package tournament finalists!

  • Marcia Hardy

    I have enjoyed this game since the 80’s, and would like to meet others and play. Please respond. Thank you.

    July 25, 2014at12:51 am
  • Mike Smolka

    Nice work! Hope the tourney(s) went well.

    Do you guys know if that shirt is available without the words “I Love… ” or “I Hate…”
    In other words, can the shirt be ordered with just the embroidered logo and no words at all?
    Thanks for any assistance….

    Mike S in Mesa, AZ

    July 31, 2014at4:54 pm
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