Ultimate Backgammon Package

Ultimate Backgammon Package

Ultimate Backgammon Package

When, Where, & How Much:

7:45 PM Saturday, February 1, 2020
Texas Backgammon Championships
Gunter Hotel Crystal Ballroom, San Antonio, Texas
Free for all participants!

What’s The Ultimate Backgammon Package?

Are you new to backgammon or haven’t played in many years? Here’s your chance to experience the thrill of participating in a world class backgammon tournament without having to face world class players!

Come and take part in our Ultimate Backgammon Package tournament and learn all about one of the world’s most ancient games. Players of all ages who are new to backgammon and those at intermediate skill levels are encouraged to attend. The cost of entry is FREE.

The tournament will be held at 7:45 PM on Saturday, February 1, 2020 and will take place at the Gunter Hotel’s gorgeous Crystal Ballroom. Experienced and professional tournament directors and staff will be on hand to assist you and answer any questions regarding tournament procedure and rules.

The tournament format will consist of 3-point rounds, single-elimination. Prizes will be awarded to both the winner and the tournament finalist. Standard US Backgammon Tournament Rules will apply.

If you have a backgammon board, please bring it along! If you don’t, one will be provided for you to use.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you at the Gunter Hotel on Saturday, February 2nd!

Prize Package & Sponsors

Meet Neil Kazaross

A very special opportunity to meet one of the world’s finest backgammon players and currently #9 on the Giants of Backgammon list, Neil Kazaross of Chicago.

USBGF Membership

A complimentary 1-year Novice US Backgammon Federation Membership will be awarded to the winner, entitling them to all the benefits the USBGF has to offer.

Win $100 in Prize Money!

The winner will receive $100 in prize money for this free-entry event, organized by some of backgammon’s most experienced tournament directors and staff members!

Super Bowl LII Party
Included in our runner-up package are 2 free tickets to our Super Bowl LII Party on Sunday, February 4th. Enjoy the game with beer, wine, & a buffet in the Director’s Suite.

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Win Your Entry Fee!

The winner will receive their choice of FREE entry into the Limited Division or $50 off entry fee into the Advanced Division of the Texas Backgammon Championships!

eXtreme Gammon 2

The winner will also receive a copy of eXtreme Gammon backgammon software. XG is the program professional players use to maintain their game at it’s highest level.

I Hate Backgammon
The winner will receive an “I Love Backgammon” polo shirt & the finalist will be awarded with the “I Hate Backgammon” version. Everyone loves Steve Blanchard’s great shirts!

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Entry Fee Specials + Party!